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Does this sound like you? You have a girl’s phone number, and it seems that she’s really into you, but after a couple of text messages to a girl, it seems she turns flaky. But if you give up on her, and you think it’s a waste of time, you would be giving up on good thing when it’s a lot easier to fix than you think.

This is normal, if you’re like most guys you are making some of these common texting mistakes that will totally ruin your chances with a girl, which normally could have been really cool.

7 Big Texting Mistakes You Need To Avoid!

Mistake# 1: Thinking She’s Interested To Soon

Before you have had a chance to meet up with the girl, she may not feel that much of a connection with you yet. You probably aren’t good guys she’s getting text from. You need to make sure she is actually interested in you before or you mistake her text responses for attraction.

If you’re getting a response from a girl, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re getting close enough to go on a date and getting it on with her. Things could be quite the opposite.

Before meeting up with the girl, the more unfocused, dumb text messages you send to her, the less chance you’ll have of actually meeting up with her.

Instead of wasting your time thinking of texts to send her, you need to “focus” your texts, so you are sending more with less words. In other words, make the first text count. Text messages like, “how was your day?” Won’t get you closer to a girl. how to find hidden text messages on phone

To make your text count, and not waste time with stupid texts that get you nowhere, ask yourself this question:

“How is this text going to bring us closer to going out?”

Keep things as simple as you can. Things are much easier that way. Read on…

Mistake# 2: Not Showing You Are Fun

Most men overlook the fact that women perceive things more on an emotional side, so humor, and happiness are good emotions that will move mountains with them.

So, until you spark their interest with humor or other good emotions, (which I’ll talk more about later), you won’t peak their interest enough to meet up with them. Sending boring texts with no point or style, and things will just fade away quickly. If you are being too formal or stiff, you stand a good chance of losing her interest fast. Sending her a text like, “hello, it was nice meeting you Saturday” is to lame, and too plain.

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