Samsung A52s A Look at the Smart Phone


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone manufactured and released by Samsung Electronics as part of its Galaxy A Series. The phone was announced on 16 March 2021 in Samsung’s own Awesome Unpacked conference alongside the new Galaxy A72. It is expected to replace the aging and obsolete Galaxy S4 smartphone. The A52s features a QWERTY physical keypad and a unique external fingerprint scanner. Apart from the main features, the Samsung A52s offers some unique extras such as a motion sensor, voice dialing, and a secondary display that can be used to show important widgets such as the weather or the time. samsung a52s

In terms of performance, the Samsung A52s comes with an impressive list of specifications which include a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a Adrenoceptor camera engine, a single lens reflex camera, a 8 mega pixel camera, a stacked column key bar, a proximity sensor, a thermometer, and a built-in compass. In terms of memory, the Samsung A52s comes with just enough storage to support the everyday needs of an individual. It has no space for large files like movies and music and hence, the memory card slot can support only the minimum requirement. The Samsung A52s runs on the popular and powerful Android operating system based on Kit Kat 4.4.

In terms of battery life, the Samsung A52s manages to last for about five and a half hours. The device has a capacity of 4.5 volts, which means that it should have about twenty percent power savings. The battery has two different modes namely single mode and double mode. In single mode, the phone hibernates when the screen is off and turns on again when the screen is turned on. In double mode, the phone automatically hibernates when the screen is off and automatically turns on when the screen is switched on.

The Samsung A52s has got all the basic features of a good mobile device. There are, however, some minor issues with the Samsung A52s which need to be discussed. Some users complained of water leaking from the headphone jack. The headphone jack is not very reliable, as it often does not stay in place. This might be due to the pressure of the headphone being held against the ear of the user. Fortunately, this issue is fixed by Samsung by adding a plastic shield near the headphone jack.

An important issue is related to the screen. The Samsung A52s has got a full HD display but the problem is that it gets overheated quickly. Even when the brightness is set at the normal level, the Samsung A52s display sometimes becomes too bright. Fortunately, this heat problem is resolved by the use of a built in battery. The built in battery helps in reducing the time the screen will turn off, thereby ensuring your device lasts for longer.

Other minor issues with the Samsung A52s relate to the storage and retrieval of data. When the device has been formatted, it does not take long for the Samsung A52s to lose its stored data. To overcome this, users can use the built in card reader which helps in the data retrieval process. This card reader works with the USB port to provide the needed data storage and retrieval.

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